Search Technet with Bing for product-specific docs using metadata!

Awesome tip on how you can search for something (for example, searching for System Center docs within Technet), with more precision than the usual !

This feature allows to use Bing to directly search against the meta HTML tags that sites use to tag their sites.  Meta tags are sort of like headers, but in the HTML. 

The search.MSCategory tag is a special tag for search engines…to get it for a page, we need to use the special robot version of the page, for example the VMM documentation here can be access using the robot page here:

With that, we can now plug the following string into Bing meta:search.MSCategory(gg610702) to search for information about VMM.

Thank Saud Al-Mishari from the UK Manageability Guys for the tip (and links to more documentation and original sources).

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor

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