How To Troubleshoot and Fix Windows 7 Slow Boot and Slow Logon Times

How long do your enterprise desktops take to boot up to a usable state?  2 minutes?  3?  5?  10?  Does this impact business productivity?  Has your organization had a WDRAP (if not, then why not)?  Is it all about boot times and logon times, or does it go beyond that?  Are some systems sluggish all the time or randomly?   Do applications launch slowly?   Does the UI hang for the end users randomly?  Do your users complain?

Are you doing something about it?

Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Jeff Stokes has spent years diving deep into understanding and remediating the problem of Windows slow boot and slow logon conditions.  If you’re interested in getting some advice and solutions based on real-world experience then check out his article which contains pointers to various scenarios available here.

by Frank Battiston, MSPFE Editor

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