OMS Agent setup communication error ID 4004

We have recently seen a customer attempt to add a server to an OMS Log Analytics workspace, but the attempt failed and produced the following error in the Operations Manager event log on that server. In the TracingGUIDSNative.log ETW log files, we saw these entries: [ServiceConnector] [] [Information] :CBackgroundRequester::OnTimerCallback{backgroundrequester_cpp657}Beginning background request for URL “https://”….

Raw searchable performance metrics in OMS

Summary:  Raw performance metrics are now available in search. Good morning everyone, Leyla Kazemi here, and today I am happy to announce that raw performance metrics are now searchable in OMS. Although you could previously collect performance metrics with granularity as low as 10 seconds, the data was aggregated at 30-minute interval. This means that…

Operations Management Suite (OMS) Adds Security Analytics to Power Threat Detection

SUMMARY: OMS adds Security Analytics to Power Threat Detection for the Security and Audit solution The OMS Security and Audit solution includes many tools to secure your organization and detect threats. It has access to all of this security data across your environment, provides insight into your security posture, and correlates data with threat intelligence….


Introducing OMS Network Performance Monitor

Summary: Perform near real-time monitoring of network performance and localize network faults in Microsoft Operations Management Suite. Hi, everyone. Abhave Sharma here, and today I want to talk about a new solution in OMS, Network Performance Monitor (NPM), that helps you perform near real-time monitoring of network performance parameters (such as packet loss and network…

OMS Log Analytics Agent multi-homing support

Summary: Learn how to get the latest OMS Log Analytics Agent. Hello, this is Satya Vel, from the OMS team, and today I want to talk about OMS Log Analytics Agent. The OMS Log Analytics Agent, which is also known as Microsoft Monitoring Agent for Windows, now enables you to send data from one server…

Extend PowerShell DSC with Operations Management Suite

Summary: Learn about extending the capabilities of PowerShell Desired State Configuration with Microsoft Operations Management Suite. Good morning everyone, Ed Wilson here. So Monday Teresa (aka ScriptingWife) and I were in Manchester for the PowerShell user group meeting and yesterday we were in London for the WinOps conference. Today, we are still in London doing…


Microsoft Operations Management Suite, DSC, and PowerShell

Summary: Learn how Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), Desired State Configuration (DSC) and PowerShell work together to simplify management of hybrid systems. Good morning everyone, Ed Wilson here. Well today, Teresa (aka the Scripting Wife) and I are on our way to Manchester where I am speaking at the Manchester PowerShell User Group.  and today…

Extend Operations Management Suite security with your own notable issues

Summary: Learn how to create your own notable issues to accommodate your specific business needs. Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security and Audit solution highlights notable security issues. Administrators should be aware of and examine these issues. Some issues are common, such as standard configuration changes that can occur as part of the normal business cadence….