Moving from SCOM Audit Collection Services to OMS Security

Many customers are using System Center Operations Management Audit Collection Services to audit their systems and produce compliance reports. In the last few months, we have seen many of them looking to do the same in a cloud delivery model. Cloud has many advantages for audit scenarios because it inherently solves problems related to storage management and growth, provides secure, always available, disaster resilient storage for auditing data.

In OMS, these needs are answered as part of OMS Security and Audit solution, which provides an end-to-end solution for prevention, detection, investigation, and auditing. When you are using OMS Security and Audit, you enjoy the rich capabilities of OMS Log Analytics such as search mechanisms, alerts, PowerBI integration, custom dashboards, and more.

Wei Hao Lim, from Microsoft Australia is working with such customers and wrote a blog post about Mapping ASC reports to OMS Search queries.

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  1. Yoshihiro Kawabata says:

    We are starting to understand the Microsoft OMS’s Security and Audit solution.

  2. i like .thank for sharing.

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