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A lens intended to focus ITSM experts around the globe on the most important outcomes that evolve our customers from legacy, traditional IT models toward easier, more efficient, cost effective and agile service structures.

Multi-Cloud Strategies – Do they work?

We are often asked about our thoughts on multi-cloud, cloud-neutral, and cloud brokerage strategies. Or we work with customers whose strategy is already established multi-cloud.  From a Modern Service Management (MSM) point of view, which starts with Agile/DevOps, our principles apply to any cloud as they do in Microsoft Azure. We would seek to enable… Read more

Optimizing Outsourcing with Cloudsourcing

The key to successful “Cloud Sourcing” is to first realize that the type and scope of services, used for classic outsourcing vs service required for adoption and use of public cloud services, are different. Changing the type and scope of outsourcing services has an impact on the type of relationship between customer and outsourcer and… Read more

Do not (just) take care of IT

There are these things in life that one needs to do once a year, that no one likes to do at all. For me one of these things is Taxes!  I don’t do it often enough to get the habit of it, so I finally hired a specialist to take care of it.  It’s really… Read more

Don’t Let Your Cloud Project Grow Up To Be A Failure…

I am the luckiest guy in the world.  I get to talk to customers every single day about how to move seamlessly to the cloud.  I get to talk to our Microsoft Product Groups about features that are needed to help our customers have an ever better experience during and after migration.  And I get… Read more

Get out of the way!

Digital Transformation is happening, it’s the new norm. There is a growing group of consumers who are always connected. It’s essential for business to interact with these consumers and keep pace with the demands they have, this will be a “make-or-break” transformation. What is Digital Transformation? In essence, Digital Transformation is the transition from physical… Read more

Modern Service Management in the Intelligent Cloud

Executive Summary Microsoft’s compelling Intelligent Cloud platform, coupled with our modern approach and perspective on IT Service Management, provides the answers to an often-asked question; Why doesn’t Microsoft have a dominant IT Service Management (ITSM) tool in the marketplace? First, our view on IT Service Management is that traditional ITSM processes and practices haven’t kept pace… Read more