Already using Azure and curious which services are enabled in Resource Manager mode

I work with many IT teams and often get get questions from external customers at EBC on what is ARM, why leverage ARM, and whether all existing Azure services are ARM enabled?

Azure has provided documentation ARM:

​Azure Resource Manager mode provide many advantages to enterprise IT including:

1. ability to tag resources which aid in classification for undiscoverable data (eg billing individual resources to team, type of environment, type of IT services dependent upon Azure resource, etc).

2. ability to set granual role access through RBAC - roles based access controls

3. ability to group resources for lifecycle management

4. decoupling network model which allows separation of compute from networking - this enables enterprise IT to gain better scale of networking in Azure to IaaS VMs

During Q4 FY16, MSIT is driving requests for new internal subscriptions towards ARM and enabling ARM templates to achieve benefits described above.

While Azure continues to actively enable all existing Azure services on ARM, below is a list of Azure services/resources which currently are not enabled for ARM or enabled in a limited way:

  1. Virtual Machines (classic)
  2. Remote Apps
  3. Cloud Service (classic)
  4. StorSimple
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Data Catalog
  7. Media Services
  8. Backup
  9. Site Recovery
In the near-term, continue to monitor the Azure documentation on ARM for updates.
For teams who are interested in proceeding and determining ability to co-exist with classic Azure resources and ARM enabled services and resources, we recommend you contact MSIT ARM Champions <> who can help define architectures in Azure which may enable your specific ARM scenario(s).


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