FPE issue where all spam is missed

The most common reason we do not filter spam in FPE is that we honor the ms-exch-bypass-anti-spam permission on connectors. The most common scenario is that the bypass is enabled for anonymous connections. This is simple to fix with some PowerShell commands to remove the permissions from the connectors. In exchange PowerShell. Get-ReceiveConnector Take the…


Resolved – Engine update issue seen on multiple servers 09/22

Updates to this issue will be posted to http://blogs.technet.com/b/fss/  Last night we pushed out an update that resolves this issue. Updating your engines should resolve this issue and you can go back to your previous configuration.


Antigen 9.x Update issue.

During our testing we have discovered that there is a potential to download the Cloudmark engine update even when there is not an update. This is being looked at but for now it is recommended that you set Cloudmark to update only every 24 hours to avoid lowering your detection rate as the microupdate folder…


Cloudmark and Antigen 9.x issues on the weekend of 06/25/11

*Updated to include default folder path for Cloudmark* If you are having issues with timeouts after updating your Cloudmark engine between Friday and Saturday afternoon this post should help you out.   On Friday night we released a Cloudmark engine that had an issue being validated by scan engine test. This results in a rollback…


Keep an eye out for Kaspersky Not updating

We have been seeing some Antigen 9.x servers up past rollup-3 that are still not updating to Kaspersky 8. As of last week, customers still running Kaspersky5 started getting errors during attempted updates. This is normally due to one or more files being missing in the following directories.   %databasepath%\Engines\localenginemapping.cab %databasepath\Engines\Metadata\universalmanifest.cab   Database path is…


Strange Configurations and how they impact your servers.

We have had a few strange detection issues last week due to some non-standard configurations. 1. Spam filtering not working for User X This one was due to a setting in content filtering. There is a setting called AntispamBypassEnabled  for each user. In forefront the agent log will show a content bypass enabled, skipping for…


FSEMailPickup service does not start after applying Rollup 4

This issue is starting to pop up in a few environments with connectivity issues to https:\\crl.microsoft.com It looks like we implemented code access security into our Mail Pickup service. The issue is some firewalls or proxies might not allow this site to be accessed by network service or they might outright block the site. The…


Forefront fore SharePoint Exchange Compressed File Size settings

I get these issues every few months. SharePoint or Exchange Admin getting files deleted due to Large uncompressed size or large compressed size virus. We have a few KB’s on this but there is some detail that is missing.  I also realized today that the keys documented in KB 972072 are missing another file size…


Intermittent download failures

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Some customers are reporting a failure (less than 5% of the time) downloading engines. The next time a download occurs it will download just fine. We are looking into the cause and the fix will be automatic as it is an issue with our download site.