MDT 2013 Update 2 Now Available

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 2 (6.3.8330) is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. This update requires the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10, available on the Microsoft Hardware Dev Center. (Note that there are known issues with the v1511 release of the Windows 10 ADK and System Center Configuration Manager; these issues do not directly affect MDT although may still impact ZTI or UDI scenarios.)

MDT 2013 Update 2 is primarily a quality release; there are no new major features. The following is a summary of the significant changes in this update:

  • Security- and cryptographic-related improvements:
    • Relaxed permissions on newly created deployment shares (still secure by default, but now also functional by default)
    • Creating deployment shares via Windows PowerShell adds same default permissions
    • Updated hash algorithm usage from SHA1 to SHA256

  • Includes the latest Configuration Manager task sequence binaries
  • Enhanced user experience for Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence
  • Enhanced split WIM functionality
  • Fixed OSDJoinAccount account usage in UDI scenario
  • Fixed issues with installation of Windows 10 language packs
  • Various accessibility improvements
  • Monitoring correctly displays progress for all scenarios including upgrade
  • Improvements to smsts.log verbosity
  • Fixed Orchestrator runbook functionality

There are no other new release notes or significant known issues. See the previous post for more information as much of it is still applicable (other than the fix list above).

See the following post on How to get help with MDT.

Frequently Asked Questions

In anticipation of some questions that you may have about this release (or MDT in general):

Q: Should I expect a release of MDT with every new Windows 10 and/or Configuration Manager build release?

No. We shipped multiple MDT releases this year due to the timing of Windows 10 and Configuration Manager releases, but do not intend to keep that same cadence going forward.

Q: What branches of Windows 10 does MDT support?

MDT supports both the current branch of Windows 10 as well as the long-term servicing branch.

Q: What branches of System Center Configuration Manager does MDT support?

For ZTI and UDI scenarios MDT 2013 Update 2 supports the current branch of System Center Configuration Manager (currently version 1511) for an integrated solution for deploying Windows 10 current branch as well as prior Windows versions.

Q: When is the next planned release of MDT?

We do not currently have a timeframe. We will release any tactical changes as needed which may be required to support new builds of Windows 10 or Configuration Manager, but do not currently expect this to be needed.

Q: Is this the last release of MDT?

No, we will continue to iterate and invest in the product.

Q: Why is it still “MDT 2013” when the year is almost 2016?

Two primary reasons. First, we have only made minor changes to MDT which in our opinion does not constitute a major version revision. Second, per the MDT support lifecycle, a new major version will drop support for MDT 2012 Update 1 which still supports legacy platforms.

-- Aaron Czechowski, Senior Program Manager

Comments (72)
  1. Kevin says:

    Do you have any idea when the Windows 10 1511 ADK will be fixed?

  2. Dominique says:

    Does this update fix the Static IP not set in Network Adapter Configuration Wizard issue ?

  3. Ty Glander says:

    Dominique, the static IP issue was always an issue with the 10240 ADK.

  4. Kevin says:

    Can you please give us a small status update for the fixed Windows 10 ADK?

  5. adam says:

    @Dominique I found the new ADK fixed that for me but has been suggested to not use it now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft vient de publier la RTM de Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 2 (6.3.8330). MDT est un accélérateur de solutions gratuit permettant d’optimiser le déploiement de systèmes d’exploitation.

  7. _nilsson_ says:

    Just to be clear; this update only apply to those who have upgraded to SCCM 1511, right?

  8. benjamin says:

    Just upgraded to Update 1 and now there's already Update 2, that was quicker than expected.
    Should I do anything special if I upgraded from Update 1 rerelease to this build? Updated the boot images, but the Task Sequence templates (Client.xml, Server.xml, StateRestore.xml) weren't changed so it shouldn't make a difference if TaskSequences are recreated
    from scratch or not.

  9. The task sequence templates did not change between U1 and U2, so if you already created new task sequences in U1, you don't need to redo that. Just upgrade the deployment share. / Johan

  10. Anonymous says:

    Over on the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog Aaron Czechowski announced the availability of MDT

  11. Ty Glander says:

    If you are running MDT 2013 Update 1 I would highly suggest running update 2.

  12. Asmus says:

    if i use MDT with SCCM should i recreate the MDT and Settings Packages ?

  13. topochocolate says:

    After installing Update 2, I can’t upgrade my deployment share in Workbench. I keep getting:

    Access to the path E:Deployment$BackupToolsx64Dism.exe is denied

    Any ideas?

  14. Jordan says:

    FYI, SHA256Managed is not FIPS validated and so hashing in MDT is now broken if the following setting is enabled in Group Policy:

    System Cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing.

  15. @Jordan – please file a bug on Connect

  16. Erick Wendel says:

    Greeeeat !

  17. Erick Wendel says:

    Greeat 😀

  18. Pebë says:

    Per Task Sequence settings?
    I had a perfect setup until I had to separate a Capture Task from standard deployment tasks.
    Using various forms of trickery it is possible as we all know, however all of my Applications seem to be ticked and install regardless of being unticked. I have always had MandatoryApplications and selectable Applications but with per task settings defined
    I now have this issue.

    Is the Per Task Issue resolved in this version?

  19. Kareem says:

    Task Sequence still does not display the progress bar properly in update 2. Do I need to rebuild each task sequence ?

  20. Kareem says:

    Task Sequence still does not display the progress bar properly in update 2. Do I need to rebuild each task sequence ?

  21. Roger says:

    Can you explain what change was made to "Enhanced user experience for Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence"? I did not notice anything different when executing an in-place upgrade with Update 2.

  22. @Pebë – can you provide more details? I’m not aware of the "per task issue" as you describe it.
    @Kareem – if you’re talking about during image apply, that requires both the latest ADK and MDT. If you’re talking about something else, please clarify.
    @Roger – see the known issues list from previous release. Basically had to do with process not completing until a user logged on.

  23. Roger says:

    Ah yes, I did notice that was fixed. Thanks so much for the great release!

  24. Kareem says:

    @Aaron Czechowski i am using MDT 2013 U2 and also ADK 1511 :Are there newer versions of ADK? . Here is my upgrade workflow, i uninstalled both MDT 2013 and ADK for Win8.1 and installed both new versions of MDT 2013 U2 and ADK 1511. Then i upgraded the
    deploymentshare and WinPE. When deploying an image to a machine at the stage "Image Apply" it usually shows Time, Percentage and secondary Progress Bar. Now it shows Percentage, Secondary Progress Bar, NO Duration Time and it shows a weird strike-through line
    in the Percentage section, like this ( —-60%—-). Imaging is perfect, I have no issue Imaging machines. It’s a cosmetics issue at the moment. Any Ideas?

  25. Broken MDT Update.... 2nd in as many months.... says:

    Had a perfect deployment – zero errors – not after the updated over 40…. considering Update 1 did exactly the same this and i’d only just finished fixing it "(was down to 1 error from 40+) I’ve now spent a total of 10 working days trying to resolve this
    – this is pathetic! This release should never have seen the light of day and as per usual microsoft are hiding away.

    Was due to rollout 2700 workstations nationally – finally convinced the ministers to look at dump microsoft! thank god!

  26. Broken MDT Update.... 2nd in as many months... says:

    Oh and of course even the items THEY SAY are fixed are not… don’t know abnoutr any one else but i have a new server and new mdt share and guess what? not even the status bar works as they claim…. so MS, spend more time acutually you know checking your
    work instead of bragging about it… seriously at least your Q&A people to make sure what you say is fixed is actually done! absolutely pathethic

  27. Mdt says:

    Does disk have a progress bar yet?

    Also can we make the command field larger like scam?

  28. JagoWu says:

    It seems the _SMSTSORGNAME= is not honored when deploying per task sequence settings. Although the rest of the settings seem to work under each TS in the cs.ini. There is a progress being displayed for me. I have the latest MDT and ADK.

  29. Kareem says:

    @JagoWu are you seeing the deployment time when imaging?

  30. Tarmo says:


    I have problem upgrading to Update 2. It will start and will stay here for several hours:

    Checking driver hashes.

  31. JagoWu says:

    Yes I see the progress during deployment time. The issue I see with U2 is that it does not process TS settings when you deploy per TS. This has made many of mt TS worthless now.

  32. Daniel L. says:

    "@Broken MDT Update…. 2nd in as many months…." You should probably make certain that you aren’t the only person experiencing the errors before blaming the product. Dumping Microsoft over this? Wow! Every bug fix breaks someone’s workaround. If you
    had a mission critical rollout, why did you perform the update? You should rethink your change management strategy.

    Update 2 DOES require you to create new boot images (in the past you could put this off for a little while in some cases). Also I think @JagoWu may be correct that there is some issue with the cs.ini processing. W/o making any changes except the upgrade and
    new boot images, my computers won’t image due to a Bitlocker problem. It seems related to Bitlocker settings I have defined in the cs.ini because I can comment out that section, skip enabling bitlocker, and everything will complete with no errors. I am still
    in the process of fixing it. I’ll update when I do.

  33. Daniel L. says:

    Specifically, after the "Install Operating System" step, the computer won’t boot. It hangs at a screen with a "winload.exe" error and says that it cannot access any of the Bitlocker keys necessary to access the system. As I said, nothing else changed in
    the process except updating the deployment share and boot image. So we’ll see what it ends up being.

  34. JagoWu says:

    Daniel. My laptops have the same Winload 0x1c something error exactly the same point you do. With this same install.wim, same drivers, same with update 1 all works. Only thing that changed for me was latest ADK and MDT U2.

    It looks like some cs.ini settings are being processed when performing the Per task Sequence method but not all settings. Specially not bitlocker for me. The ztigather.log actually shows it is being processed but it is lying 🙂

    My MDT 2013 U2 is not production but it was perfect under U1. I made a backup before the upgrade but still now i have to either get this fixed or take the time to restore the U1.

  35. JagoWu says:

    Kareem, I do not see a estimated time during deployment no. Just a [……………………………45%………………..]

  36. Pebë says:

    @Aaron Czechowski [Microsoft]
    My apologies Aaron, to elaborate there was mention by a number of users in the previous release forum similar to this regarding the inability to set "Per Task" properties within the CustomSettings.ini file without the aid of modifying scripts. I for example
    wanted to differentiate between my standard Deploy OS Task Sequences and a Capture Task Sequence. However it it wasn’t achievable without further aid as it was required that the CS.ini be re-read. After selecting the Task Sequence. Without differentiating
    between Tasks the Capture wouldn’t prompt for a location or a Deploy Task would be missing pre populated Domain Information. I hope that makes sense.

  37. JagoWu says:

    @Pebe This is the problem I am having. None of the "per Task sequence" settings in the CS.ini are being processed for me. Would love a fix so I can continue to use Update 2.

  38. Daniel L. says:

    I understand that the forums are where we should be posting issues, but shortly after any new release, this page is pretty helpful for those who peruse the comments to look for any blaring "Gotchas".

    It looks like this is the solution to the Bitlocker problems: Don’t use the latest ADK 10580. It uses an updated encryption toolset that doesn’t work (at least with Windows 7).

  39. MyGposts says:

    Is there any reason to NOT upgrade from MDT 2013 U1 re-release and the original Windows 10 ADK packages to the latest versions if we are deploying Windows 10 build 10240 LTSB?
    Are there any incompatibilities with using the MDT 2013 U2 and the latest Windows 10 ADK when deploying Windows 10 build 10240?

  40. Daniel L. says:

    @MyGposts I’m sorry, I’m no help there. I reverted the ADK before I tried a Win10 deployment of any kind. The nice thing is that reverting the ADK if it doesn’t work is really easy and painless. So I would try if it you have the time. Also the progress
    percentage for the "Install Operating System" is a nice addition if you can use the latest ADK.

  41. Pebë says:

    @JagoWu I was using a workaround but as it’s only Capturing I need to differentiate I decided to revert back to the original setup and use an additional Deployment Share just for Capturing. I’m not sure who originally posted this particular Script Modification
    but it seems to be the clearest. I did find though that on some occasions settings are not being parsed from the CS.ini or similar file so it may require a few attempts. Hope you have better luck with it.

  42. -veechee- says:

    This issue isn’t fixed in DeployWiz_LanguageUI.xml:

    (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

    should be:

    (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

    If this isn’t changed, "Malay Peninsula Standard Time" is passed to the OS, which it does not recognize, because Windows 8.1 and 10 both call it "Singapore Standard Time", so then the OS defaults to Pacific Standard Time.

  43. nebulenz says:

    Nicolas I have the same problem. Windows 10 hyperv running server 2012 r2 nested environments. Interestingly I only have the problem intermittently while trying to capture windows 7 x86. I haven’t managed to track down what the problem was; running MDT
    2013 U1 6.3.8298.1000. The good news is: I just had to run the same task sequence again, it was intermittent enough that I knew the task sequence worked.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Looking at a comparison of the files in MDT 2013 Update 2, here’s a quick overview of the changes in

  45. nicolas says:

    Thanks Nebulenz, I came to the same conclusion. My capture of windows 7×64 failed after managing to capture several wim. I don’t understand.. I’m going to try with mdt 2012..

  46. Let me thank you again for the wonderful community around MDT and your passion for the product. Ya’ll are more than welcome to continue to comment on the blog posts, we do keep an eye on it for things related to the specific topic of the post, but let
    me remind you of the best ways to get help with MDT ( Use the forums
    where MVPs and others hang out, call support for professional help, or file a bug on Connect with details (logs, screenshots).

  47. SCCM MDT user says:

    Have updated to mdt2013 update 2 using SCCM 2012 R2 version 5.0.8239.1392 running USMT restore i get the following error message

    [0x080000] There was an error while calling CreateProfile. Error: 0x80070002
    Error 2147942402 creating profile: Win32Exception: There was an error while calling CreateProfile.: The system cannot find the file specified.
    creating profile: Win32Exception: There was an error while calling CreateProfile.: The system cannot find the file specified. [0x80070002
    [0x000000] Failed.[gle=0x00000006]
    The system cannot find the file specified.[gle=0x00000006]
    [0x000000] * USMT error code 71:
    [0x000000] | A Windows Win32 API error occurred
    [0x000000] | Windows error 2147942402 description: The system cannot find the file specified.

  48. Nath_Bird says:

    OSDJoinAccount issue in UDI Scenario is not fixed…..I cannot get this to work anyway. Task Sequence Variable is not applied. Anybody still getting this?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Windows 10 ist mittlerweile inkl. dem ersten großen Update verfügbar. Unternehmen haben begonnen mit

  50. Troy says:

    Worst update ever.. should be pulled

  51. Krazycure says:

    Yeah, still, no matter what I do, after deploying a windows 10 upgrade, once admin logs in, NOTHING can’t run anything, "You must be running with Administrator privileges". This isn’t just for the final summary screen.

  52. DreadfullyDespized says:

    After uninstalling ADK10 and MDT 2013 Update 1. I restarted the server and installed ADK10 (latest) and then MDT 2013 Update 2. Everything seemed to load up correctly and then I imported my share and updated it. I noticed that the iso’s/wim’s were missing
    from the boot folder. I then updated the share and did a full create of the images. I come back the next day and notice that my boot folder is missing the iso’s and wim’s again. I am not sure what is causing this. Though I haven’t found anything else effected
    by this.

  53. Krazycure says:

    Just a follow up, the "FilterAdministratorToken" registry entry that is supposed to be updated by the unattend.xml does not actually run (I added logging to it to be sure, and it doesn’t even right the log). Why are the SynchronousCommands not being applied?

  54. paul says:

    When will MDT support Windows Server 2016 Deployments?

  55. Chandras says:

    The LTISuspend icon disappears if the machine is restarted after the windows updates from the reference machine, this was not the case in the MDT 2012.

  56. Long_lanh says:

    it look like M$ Pull the MDT 2013 Update 2!

  57. MelwayMAn says:

    Where’s the download gone? Every time I try to get it, I get a file not found error.

  58. Krazycure says:

    Well just an update, looks like in-place upgrades don’t actually use the unattend.xml that’s generated in the Control folder. So I had to add the filteradministratortoken / etc in the setupcomplete.cmd.

  59. dknoll says:

    @Nath_Bird I’m also having an issue using the OSDJoinAccount task sequence variable. The UDI wizard just displays strange text. Looks like an encoding type of issue. I’m running 6.3.8330.1000.

  60. smar11 says:

    Does MDT 2013 Update 2 support ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 integration with Windows 10 ADK installed?

  61. Nath_Bird says:

    @Dknoll – Working for me now reverted back the CustomSettings.ini file to get this working. Have to use the full FQDN though which is a pain if you are using the Device Affinity screen which doesnt accept the FQDN. Anyway we are no progressing with Win10
    deployments. I have a weird issue with Office 2016 packages not being downloaded correctly but not sure this is an MDT issue just yet.

  62. Logan young says:

    hey also do guide me how can i this update i need this now

  63. CameleonHelp says:

    Hello, when i tried to make a capture with sysprep, the sysprep freeze.
    I found that 4 services blocks sysprep, tiledatamodelsvc, staterepository, entappsvc, walletservice.
    In a script i kill this services, but they start automatically.
    How can i kill definitivly this services for sysprep ?

  64. CameleonHelp says:

    Hello, when i tried to make a capture with sysprep, the sysprep freeze.
    I found that 4 services blocks sysprep, tiledatamodelsvc, staterepository, entappsvc, walletservice.
    In a script i kill this services, but they start automatically.
    How can i kill definitivly this services for sysprep ?

  65. Eric G-S says:

    Given the problems reported with ADK 1511 can we still use ADK 10.0.26624?

    Also will we need to recreate all our Task Sequences after installing this?

  66. julie thompson says:

    Its great to know you guys have implemented SHA1 to SHA256, hope this encryption method would make MDT more secure.

  67. cheryl62 says:

    Can I get a link to the MDT Documentation (Especially the ToolKit Reference and Troubleshooting Reference) in a Downloadable Format … I keep my MDT environment in a Stand-Alone network and cannot access the Internet links currently included in MDT …

    1. JagoWu says:

      I keep a installed copy of the original MDT2013 on a VM so I can use the toolkit reference. Going online for docs is a pain.

  68. Chris says:

    I am having an interesting issue. Two client task sequences both created using the MDT wizard both deploying the same Windows 10.0.10586.0 wim both using the same driver package for the hardware both identical in every way except one. Task sequence A uses MDT 2013 Update 1. Task sequence B uses MDT 2013 Update 2. Task Sequence A works 100%. Task sequence B appears to work 100% also. however I am getting a BSOD Service Exception (drivers?) on the same machine when I deploy using task sequence B (MDT 2013 U2). Strange isn’t it? I just deployed again using MDT 2013 U1 and no BSOD it all works brilliantly. I think I will stick to MDT 2013 U1 for now unless anyone can enlighten me?

  69. Jesse I Barron says:

    MMC snap-in failing when editing the TaskSequence of any deployment. Win7 Win8, after updating from MDT 2012 to MDT 2013 update 2
    at Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.TaskSequenceEditor.GetActionControl(XmlNode propertyNode)
    at Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.TaskSequenceEditor.PopulateTree(TreeNode col, XmlNode node)
    at Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.TaskSequenceEditor.PopulateTree(TreeNode col, XmlNode node)
    at Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.TaskSequenceEditor.RefreshTree(XmlNode selectedNode)
    at Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.TaskSequenceEditor.RefreshData(ResultNode userNode)
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.SnapInBase.ProcessNotification(Notification notification)
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.NamespaceSnapInBase.ProcessNotification(Notification notif)
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Internal.SnapInClient.Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Internal.IMessageClient.ProcessNotification(Notification notification)
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Internal.IMessageClient.ProcessNotification(Notification notification)
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Executive.SnapInNotificationOperation.ProcessNotification()
    at Microsoft.ManagementConsole.Executive.Operation.OnThreadTransfer(SimpleOperationCallback callback)

    I cant reliably open any of my old TS if i create a new one it seems to work ok.

  70. Thomas Boomer says:

    MDT has had helpful documentation in the past that was included with the deployment workbench. I am referring to help files that were built in. Now the workbench has a generic link to TechNet, but it is not even a specific link dealing with MDT. In other words it is pretty much useless. Add to that fact that the majority of MDT servers I work with do not have internet access for security reasons. We need to have documentation folks.

    What does it take to get help files for MDT again. That documentation was extremely useful as I refer to it from time to time when I cannot remember specific variables or commands. I know where to look for the info, but you took the documentation away. Brilliant!

  71. Pat says:

    How does this update help with split WIM use? I would like to use a split wim, but I am a little fuzzy on how to actually do it. Is there a step by step anywhere?

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