How to get help with MDT

20 December 2017 Update: Microsoft Connect is closing soon, so I'm updating this guidance.

I posted this in the comments of a post a few months ago, but think it warrants its own post.

For those of you that are having issues with MDT, blog comments are a tough way to troubleshoot and likely will not get the visibility needed to address the issue.

I recommend one of the following methods to get help with MDT (in prioritized order):

  1. Post to the MDT forum. MVPs and others in the community watch and respond to posts there. Probably the most efficient way to get help.
  2. If email is more your thing, then join and contribute to the MDT-OSD email list.
  3. Contact Microsoft Support. Get a support case open and get some professional help.
  4. If you can consistently reproduce an issue and think it's a product bug, file it in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. This is probably not the fastest method, but the product team does investigate everything that is reported. I suggest using the Enterprise Management category and OS Deployment subcategory when filing feedback to help classify and route it to the right team.
    • The Feedback Hub can also be used to submit suggestions (design change requests or DCRs) on the product.
    • If you previously filed feedback via Connect, you do not need to refile in the Feedback Hub. It ultimately all syncs through to a separate backend tracking system.

One final note, the TechNet Terms of Use (5c) talks about conduct in public, community interactions and refers to the Rules of Conduct, which has a section on Community Code of Conduct with do's and don'ts. Please keep these in mind before commenting on this blog.

-- Aaron Czechowski

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  1. james says:

    The site you link to for the mailing list contains exploits, SCEP picked up 3


    If you want to subscribe to the mailing list without visiting the site, email:

    and in the body of the email, type:

    subscribe mdtosd

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 2 (6.3.8330) is now available on the Microsoft Download

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