Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 Now Available

Expand your deployment capabilities with support for Windows 8 Release Preview

The Solution Accelerators team is pleased to announce Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 is available for download on Connect now.

This release expands your deployment capabilities with support for the latest software releases, including Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate, and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 Community Technology Preview. 


New features include:

  • Support for using the DaRT 8 Beta with the Windows 8 Release Preview version of the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).
  • New “Build Your Own Pages” support for User-Driven Installation (UDI), enabling IT pros to create new wizard panes using simple drag-and-drop operations – no coding required.
  • Integration with System Center Orchestrator, enabling task sequences to invoke Orchestrator runbooks at any point in the deployment process.
  • Completely reworked “Roles and Features” logic, supporting both installation and removal, as well as providing a new Lite Touch wizard pane for selecting roles and features to install at deploy time.
  • Support for PowerShell 3.0 to make it easier to run PowerShell scripts inside task sequences on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Windows PE 4.0.
  • Simple monitoring functionality for Configuration Manager task sequences, leveraging the monitoring capabilities provided initially in MDT 2012 for Lite Touch deployments.
  • Improved “boot from VHD” deployment capabilities, supporting both bare metal and refresh deployments.


Download MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 now.

Tell us what you think! Test drive our release and send us your constructive feedback through the Connect site. We value your input; this is the perfect opportunity to be heard.

Tell your peers and customers about Solution Accelerators! Please forward this to anyone who wants to learn more about OS deployment with MDT, and Microsoft Solution Accelerators.

Already using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit? We’d like to hear about your experiences.

Comments (11)
  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm still waiting for the day when MDT is completely converted over to PowerShell scripts.

  2. RED says:

    i hope this version corrige the many problem had in mdt 2012

  3. Chris A says:

    Does anyone know if this update fixes the username issue with MDT?  All the images I have installed so far, after you log on and log off Windows 7 is not remebering the previous log on username.

  4. sam says:

    @Chris A

    I resolved this by adding a final step to the task sequence for my production machines.  It is just a general/run command line that references a reg file that I made and tossed it into the applications folder in my deployment share.

    The reg key in all its glory is:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    Save that as a .reg, add a command line step as the final step in your TS.  Tested working.

  5. sam says:

    BTW:  Forgot to mention that particular reg key is for Windows 7 x64.

  6. @Chris A: If you disable the "Apply local GPO package" step in the task sequence, this will no longer happen. This is new since 2012 and has been added to create a more secure baseline configuration. You can alter these settings in the DeploymentshareTemplatesGPOPacks.

  7. Alan Richards says:

    Does update 1 mean we can run MDT on Server 2012 as well now

  8. Joachim says:

    Does anybode know if the following is covered?…/a36aa91c-662b-4826-86c4-f2aabff0da19


  9. Saeid says:

    It's a great toll, and I'd like to make couple of suggestions to make it even better.

    1- can you add restore data from external hard drive option when replacing a pc?

    2- can you add "Store key to external drive" when use bitlocker?


  10. Eswar says:

    i am waiting for sdt ,to know all things in that ,and make a project………………


  11. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 auf Microsoft Connect

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