MDT 2010 is Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MDT 2010 available for download here

MDT 2010 has been in planning and development for a little over a year and is our largest release to date with over 70% of our code changing since MDT 2008.  MDT 2010 has also been tested throughout our Beta and Release Candidate versions by well over 10,000 IT professionals around the world.  We appreciate all of the feedback you have given and without your help this release would not have been possible.

Michael Niehaus did a great series of blog posts on most of the new features of MDT 2010.  You can review those posts here:

Please make sure you review the release notes for instructions on how to upgrade from MDT 2008 or one of the beta releases of MDT 2010.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking at the documentation, it looks like you can directly upgrade from MDT 2008 to 2010. However at some place I found that the direct upgrade is only possible from MDT 2008 Update 1 to 2010.

    My question is, do I really have to go from MDT 2008 to MDT 2008 Update1 to MDT2010 or can I skip the Update1 step in the middle?

  2. Najam says:

    I really surprised and disappointed by MDT 2010 Update 1. Still Microsoft didn't provide any support for Wired 802.1x Network Authentication. When I was in Tech Ed Berlin 2009. I have asked this questions to many deployment Microsoft's guru and they all said that we are working on it and will be fixed in Summer 2010. Do you have any idea, when MDT 2010 or WDS can able to suport Wired 802.1x network authentication?

  3. struggling says:

    Do support resources who are responsible for imaging desktops using MDT2010 require a license for SQL Developer be purchased?

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