BDD 2007 FAQ: Troubleshooting Deployment

Q. What log files can be evaluated to troubleshoot deployment issues with Windows Vista?

A. The primary log files for Windows Vista setup are detailed in this Knowledge Base article and are:

setupact.log - Contains information about setup actions during the installation.

setuperr.log - Contains information about setup errors during the installation.

Q. Are there BDD specific log files and where are they located?

A. BDD scripts automatically create log files. Each script creates a log file that matches the name of the script, for example ZTIGather.wsf creates a log file named ZTIGather.log. Each script also updates a common log file (BDD.log) that aggregates the contents of logs created by the BDD scripts. BDD logs are located in the C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS folder during the deployment process. They are then moved at the completion of a deployment, their destination is dependent on the deployment type:

Lite Touch - C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BDDLogs unless the /debug:true option has been specified.

Zero Touch - C:\TEMP\SMSOSD or C:\SMSOSD unless the C:\MININT\Archive_OSD.SMS file is found.

Q. Are there any additional details on troubleshooting using the BDD logs?

A. Ben Hunter has posted an excellent article about BDD logs here:

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