BDD 2007 FAQ: Lite Touch Installation (LTI)

Q. What exactly is Lite Touch Installation?

A. Lite Touch Installation is an interactive installation and deployment of Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista complete with application install and any other needed configuration of the final image on destination computers. Lite Touch Installation in BDD 2007 can be automated using a combination of pre-configured configuration files and the BDD Deployment Database.

Q. What documents are most useful in understanding the configuration and use of Lite Touch Installation?

A. The principal documents shipped with BDD 2007 which detail LTI are the “Lite Touch Installation Guide”, “Deployment Configuration Guide”, and “Deployment Configuration Samples Guide”.

Q. Where can I find information that detail automation of LTI deployments?

A. The “Configuration Reference” document details all of the variables that are used in LTI deployments. The “Deployment Configuration Samples Guide” document gives complete samples of automating LTI.

Q. Have any videos been made available to assist in configuring Lite Touch Deployment?

A. Lite Touch Deployment Video Walkthrough

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