Visit our New Blog and Web Site now hosted on Windows Azure!

We are pleased to announce our web site and blog are now located on one site that is hosted on our Windows Azure platform! You can find the latest insights, customer priorities and news about Global Foundation Services.

Don't forget to re-subscribe to the RSS feed on our new blog site for all the latest news and posts.  More about the site is outined below.

The Site's content includes:

Customer Priorities Pages that dive deep into infrastructure architecture, operations, reliability, security and compliance, and the sustainability strategies for our data centers and fiber optic networks – all top of mind for customers, including:

  • 20-30 minute interactive presentations featuring our data center subject matter experts addressing some of the top 3-5 customer questions we receive for each key customer priority
  • Strategy Brief documents addressing each priority and presenting the best practices of our engineers -- for downloading and sharing
  • Video overviews from some of the company's strategy leads addressing the key customer priorities
  • Related whitepapers, technical content, and slideshows
  • Video tours of our data centers

A Future Insights Page that explores the forward-looking challenges of providing cloud services at massive scale and the business impact, reliability, security, sustainability opportunities and roadmap discussions

Our Team Blogs with industry relevant discussions on cloud infrastructure issues and best practices. We have migrated all our blog archives to our Azure-hosted site and will be blogging regularly there now.

We’ve been sharing our best practices with the industry since 2007, and now we have re-launched our blog and web site with these additional resources to help us scale to meet the needs of our customers and the industry who want to better understand Microsoft’s data center strategy. These new resource also help us to more broadly share our best practices as we are rapidly evolving and making strides towards more operationally robust infrastructures that are efficient, sustainable, reliable, and secure.

We hope you will enjoy the new site and resources, and share them with others!




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