Holistic Approach to Energy Efficient Datacenters

By Dileep Bhandarkar, Ph. D. Distinguished EngineerGlobal Foundation Services, Microsoft  A little over three years ago, I joined Microsoft to lead the hardware engineering team that helped decide which servers Microsoft would purchase to run its online services. We had just brought our first Microsoft-designed datacenter online in Quincy and were planning to use the…


Dublin Datacenter Recognized by Industry as the Best European Enterprise Datacenter Facility

Last week, at the 6th Data Centres Europe 2010 Conference, our Dublin datacenter received a prestigious award for being the Best European Enterprise Datacenter Facility.   The Dublin datacenter incorporates a free air cooling design and is one of the most energy efficient facilities Microsoft has designed and built so far.  Beyond the dramatic reduction in…


Chicago Datacenter Wins Green Enterprise IT Award from Uptime Institute

Today, Microsoft won a prestigious Green Enterprise IT Award from the Uptime Institute for the bold IT initiatives we utilized in our recently opened datacenter in Chicago. The facility integrates new design solutions which have led to greater efficiencies and carbon waste reductions.  This includes a significant reduction in water and material usage enabled by…


Celebrating Earth Day from the Emerald Isle

By John Dwyer – International Datacentre Manager   The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is a very appropriate time to reflect on the aggressive sustainability objectives that Microsoft has for the Dublin datacentre and the great progress we’ve made so far.  As you will recall, the facility went into production on July 1, 2009, and with…


One Small Step for Microsoft’s Cloud, Another Big Step for Sustainability

  By Kevin Timmons General Manager of Datacenter Services   The datacenter industry is at an inflection point. We need the ability to build out “at right scale” based on capacity needs at unprecedented price points.  Oh by the way – it’s also imperative that we find ways to avoid the significant up-front costs and…


Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

  By Christian Belady Director of Hardware Architecture, Microsoft Research   Some folks have already heard that I am changing roles in Microsoft, but the reality is that just like the evolution with our data centers, my career is going through a similar evolution.  And that’s the way I like it….while I love what I…


A peek behind the scenes at Hotmail

For an interesting discussion on Windows Live Hotmail and the importance of operating and engineering the service (at huge scale), please visit the Windows Live Team’s Blog site and Arthur de Haan’s December 22, 2009 posting titled:  A peek behind the scenes at Hotmail /gfs