MSCOM Ops Webcast Week…Sign Up Links

Here are the links to sign up for the upcoming webcast series. Go to, then click on the More live webcasts… link at the bottom of the page scroll to the date of the event.

We hope hope you can join us!!

11/7/05 Monday: - High Availability Architecture (Level 200)

11/8/05 Tuesday: – Configuration Management of Web Farms (Level 200)

11/9/05 Wednesday: - Change & Release Management Strategies (Level 200)

11/10/05 Thursday: – Monitoring and Management of Enterprise Platforms (Level 300)

11/11/05 Friday: – Troubleshooting & Debugging Web Hosting Environments (Level 300)

Comments (4)

  1. Kevin H. Devin says:

    For heavens sake, can’t Microsoft come up with URLS that a little more friendly AND aren’t on the verge of a buffer overflow? 😉

    Why doesn’t MS have something of their own like or It would certainly make my RSS read much happier.


  2. MSCOM says:

    Point taken Kevin…and corrected.

  3. Kevin H. Devin says:

    Many thanks guys! Greatly appreciated!

    BTW… How would I go about talking one of you folks in to appearing on the podcast? 🙂


  4. MSCOM says:


    Use the email link to send us an email with your contact information.

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