WPC13 WIFI Configuration

Wireless Internet Access

While you are attending the Worldwide Partner Conference, please feel free to connect toand use one of the following WiFi networks: WPC2013 and WPC2013-5GHz

When you are prompted for a password please use: partners

Additionally, please make sure you are not connected to an AD-HOC/Peer-to-Peer network, and ensure that you are in an area that supports WiFi.

The WPC 5GHz network is the higher performing network with more available channels, faster speeds, and is available throughout the Convention Center and Keynote Arena. If your WiFi device sees the WPC2013-5GHz network please select it. Please note that in the WPC Commons and Keynote Arena, Microsoft has cleared wireless access points of the congested 2.4Ghz frequency to allow as much room as possible for demos. The WPC2013-5GHz network will be the only network available to attendees in these areas.

Due to the user load in congested areas, you may experience a slow connection or have difficulty connecting to the network at times. If that is the case, you may want to move to a less congested area.

Rogue APs can cause problems for attendees attempting to use the wireless system and can degrade WiFi performance for everyone. Personal APs or base-stations of any kind should not be used inside the convention center or keynote arena


Security and the WPC Wireless Network

The wireless network at WPC is a shared network, designed to require minimal configuration by attendees. We have enabled WPA security protocol, though we do recommend that you be prudent in securing your resources, as you should on any public wireless network.


Be a Good Wireless Neighbor

In order for Microsoft to deliver a robust and dependable wireless experience for all WPC attendees, we ask that you read and follow these best practices prior to connecting to the wireless or wired networks:



• Install all critical patches and updates for your operating system. Windows Update is included in Control Panel

• Download and install the latest anti-virus signatures for your software.

• Ensure that your personal firewall software is active.



• Ensure that your system is set to Infrastructure wireless use only and is not associating to, or broadcasting ad-hoc networks.

• Monitor your connections—do not connect to the wireless and wired networks at the same time.


Liability for Damage or Loss of Data

Microsoft will not be responsible for any damages to your computer or device, or loss.


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