Seattle Tops List of Riskiest Cyber Crime Cities!

MSNBC:Seattle is the riskiest online city, according to a new survey. Symantec says Seattle tops the list because people are more likely to access the Web each day and use the Internet for shopping and banking, and because of the proliferation of wireless Internet access.  Ups.. as I am currently in Seattle and knowing…


Study: 73% use Bank Password everywhere

For years computer security experts have been preaching that users should never share the same password across their connected lives — at online banking sites, at Amazon, on their Web mail services, even on their cell phones. Apparently, most people ignore that advice. It really can’t be repeated enough… 🙁 -Urs


Does Software Piracy Lead to Higher Malware Infection Rates?

Yes it does, at least according to a recently released report [PDF] by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) which basically correlates data on the known piracy rates for particular countries and their malware infection rates, using public sources.;post-4605 Report: Urs  


Where in the World do Viruses come from?

The U.S. continues to dominate as the main source of the world’s viruses, producing 15.9 percent of all viruses. It is followed closely by Brazil, which produces 14.5 percent (similar levels to last month’s 14.1 percent). You can see more about virus trends from the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Urs  


SANS Outlines the Top Cyber Security Risks

SANS released the “Top Cyber Security Risks” report which covers March-August 2009. The report features attack data from TippingPoint intrusion prevention systems protecting 6,000 organizations, vulnerability data from 9,000,000 systems compiled by Qualys, and additional analysis and tutorial by the Internet Storm Center and key SANS faculty members. Urs


Top 100 Virus-Infected Web Sites Exposed

Simply visiting one of the “Top 100 Dirtiest” Web sites – without downloading or even clicking anything – could expose your computer to infection and put your personal information into the hands of criminals, anti-virus software company Norton Symantec said. Urs  


Security Risk as People Use Same Password on All Websites

The research reveals that nearly half (46 percent) of Britons use the same password to login to their banking, shopping and social networking sites with a further 54 percent confessing to using variations of the same password. And with the average person visiting 23 different sites each month that require a login they are an…


Passwords – once again…

Popular Passwords Include ‘1234′ and ‘password’ When 28,000 log-in details stolen from a well-known Web site were posted online recently, security firms discovered that a sizable minority of Internet users are incredibly naive at setting their own password. Four percent of users, opted for ‘password’ or a similar derivative as their password, and 5 percent…


Slow And Silent Targeted Attacks On The Rise

And another one in the same direction: The most determined cyber criminals don’t necessarily work fast when they breach a network, and their infiltration is often silent and undetectable. But it’s this brand of “low and slow” targeted attack that can also be the most deadly, security experts say:;jsessionid=UFNEPFUNCGARMQSNDLPSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=212701434 Have alook also at the following blogpost…


The Latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (v5)

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) provides an in-depth perspective on the changing threat landscape including software vulnerability disclosures and exploits, malicious software (malware), and potentially unwanted software. Using data derived from hundreds of millions of Windows users, and some of the busiest online services on the Internet, this report also provides a detailed analysis…