New Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research and Defense blog

The Security Vulnerability Research & Defense blog’s intent is to provide more information about Microsoft vulnerabilities, mitigations and workarounds, and active attacks. Urs


A very long list of new Microsoft products for 2008… has an extensive list of new software that Microsoft will be unleashing in the marketplace. See yourself: Urs  


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Encryption (TechArticles)

Two interesting blogs found on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and encription: SQL Server 2008 Encryption Keys SQL Server 2008 Transparent Data Encryption and Replication Urs  


Unpatched database servers on the Internet

In his most recent publication (“The Database Exposure Survey 2007 ”, November 12, 2007) , David Litchfield conducted a survey on how many database servers exist on the internet and are listening on their default TCP ports and are not protected by a firewall. According to the survey, 157 SQL Servers were found and 53…