A strong Password isn’t the strongest Security

Make your password strong, with a unique jumble of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. But memorize it — never write it down. And, oh yes, change it every few months… Yes, that’s it? Or not?  “Keeping a keylogger off your machine is about a trillion times more important than the strength of any one of…


Microsoft Security Compliance Manager released

The Security Compliance Manager will help you accelerate knowledge to merge best practices, customize once to centralize decision making, and export to multiple formats to enable monitoring, verification, and compliance. The tool is designed to help accelerate your organization’s ability to efficiently manage the security and compliance process for the most widely used Microsoft technologies….


Microsoft’s new Identity Management Software: Forefront Identity Manager 2010

[Computerworld] Microsoft announced at the RSA Conference on Tuesday that it has begun shipping Forefront Identity Manager 2010, server software for provisioning and de-provisioning user access and privileges for network and database resources.http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9165179/Microsoft_cranks_out_new_identity_management_software?taxonomyId=17 and from the Forefront team blog:http://blogs.technet.com/forefront/archive/2010/03/02/rsa-conference-2010-identity-at-the-forefront.aspx  Urs  


Inside the Password-Stealing Business: The Who and How of Identity Theft

With shopping and banking transactions occurring primarily online today, password stealing has become a common cyber crime. Whatever the vector of attack, in many cases some sort of password-stealing malware makes its way onto victims’ computers. McAfee Research Report: http://www.mcafee.com/us/local_content/reports/6622rpt_password_stealers_0709_en.pdf Some suggestions for creating strong passwords:http://www.microsoft.com/protect/fraud/passwords/create.aspx(This btw. is on our new Online Saftey page – go…


Tech giants team for online ID cards

A group of software and online payment companies are teaming up to find a better way than passwords to protect, and prove, your identity online. Problems with passwords are well known – people require ever more passwords which means they either get forgotten, or people use the same word for several different services which is…


Microsoft calls for talks on Internet trust, safety

Microsoft today called for broad discussions about the safety of the Internet in an initiative it dubbed “End to End Trust” in a white paper released during the RSA Conference that opened today in San Francisco. In a keynote address at the security conference, Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, talked up…


Business biometrics raises ID theft risk

The commercial use of biometrics will become widespread in five years, but is not without security risks The growing use of biometrics by businesses to identify individuals is insecure and in need of serious attention, according to one IT systems company. Fujitsu Siemens said that biometrics are being used to identify individuals in the business…


Microsoft buys U-Prove technology

Microsoft Corp. hopes to beef up online privacy with the acquisition of the U-Prove technology, the company announced on Thursday. U-Prove was developed by Stefan Brands at Credentica Inc. to allow Internet users to disclose only the minimum amount of personal information when conducting electronic transactions as a way to reduce the likelihood of privacy…


Identity management critical for security, government IT shops say

A majority of government IT organizations say identity management is very important to securing their networks and will become even more so over the next five years, but that funding to keep pace is a major impediment to growth. The respondents also said they think identity management is relevant to national security, critical public infrastructure,…