Virtual machines aren’t really more secure

Roger A. Grimes: “I’ve been at several recent conferences where virtual machine (VM) and security “experts” were telling audiences how VM technology can be used to improve computer security. Wow! They are either drunk on the marketing Kool-Aid, misinformed, or simply trying to misrepresent VM capabilities to sell more product…” Urs  


Microsoft calls for talks on Internet trust, safety

Microsoft today called for broad discussions about the safety of the Internet in an initiative it dubbed “End to End Trust” in a white paper released during the RSA Conference that opened today in San Francisco. In a keynote address at the security conference, Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft, talked up…


Virtualization: What are the security risks?

Virtualization will become dominant in enterprises, but the security risks are fuzzy at best. Meanwhile, the usual defense–firewalls, security appliances and such aren’t ready for virtualization. Urs