XBox Project Natal at E3

Not really security relevant, but cool anyway… some more info on project Natal: What is project Natal? 😉  -Urs


Hacking Your Life (oh oh...)

A Virginia woman discovered that her married boyfriend had other girlfriends, and she decided to seek revenge online. According to federal prosecutors, she hired computer hackers to help. Elaine Cioni paid hackers $100 [U.S] for the password to her boyfriend’s AOL e-mail account, according to prosecutors, and for an extra $100, she received the e-mail…


Are you a computer security professional?

You know you’re a computer security professional when: • Although you have no ill intent, you spend no small amount of your downtime in airports thinking of ways to circumvent TSA security — and you’ve come up with several can’t-miss terrorist ideas that even Jack Bauer couldn’t stop. • You lock your screensaver with twice as much…