A strong Password isn’t the strongest Security

Make your password strong, with a unique jumble of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. But memorize it — never write it down. And, oh yes, change it every few months... Yes, that's it? Or not? 

"Keeping a keylogger off your machine is about a trillion times more important than the strength of any one of your passwords,” says Cormac Herley, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research who specializes in security-related topics.


- Urs


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  1. tonyr says:

    amazon for example doesn't care about pw strength due to the fact that so what if somebody has my pw, they have little to no finacial liability that isn't coverered by a non security related item,  insurance..  Now what insurance covers an accidental missile launch 🙂

    my .000001 cents worth

  2. timk says:

    i agree with password strength, and memorizing it – however as a translation company we often have problems with clients forgetting their passwords which then makes it very hard for us to over type their text! 🙁

    also they cause havoc with online counting tools like at http://www.2translate.ch where passwords cause great problems!  🙁

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  4. Emma says:

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  5. Emma says:

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