Pentagon Searches for ‘Digital DNA’ to Identify Hackers

One of the trickiest problems in cyber security is trying to figure who’s really behind an attack. Darpa, the Pentagon agency that created the Internet, is trying to fix that, with a new effort to develop the “cyber equivalent of fingerprints or DNA” that can identify even the best-cloaked hackers. -Urs  


Intel Atom Netbooks Get Whole-Disk Encryption

TechWorld: Netbook users worried about storing sensitive data on their portables are being offered the world’s first whole-disk encryption that will run useably on Intel’s Atom processor. -Urs    


Study: 73% use Bank Password everywhere

For years computer security experts have been preaching that users should never share the same password across their connected lives — at online banking sites, at Amazon, on their Web mail services, even on their cell phones. Apparently, most people ignore that advice. It really can’t be repeated enough… 🙁 -Urs


Microsoft Links Security Guidelines to Agile Development

Microsoft released a template for applying its Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) methodology to agile software development projects built with the Visual Studio development environment. -Urs  


How Wi-Fi Attackers are poisoning web browsers

Public Wi-Fi networks such as those in coffee shops and airports present a bigger security threat than ever to computer users because attackers can intercede over wireless to poison users’ browser caches in order to present fake Web pages or even steal data at a later time. That’s according to security researcher Mike Kershaw, developer…


Cisco’s (and other’s) backdoor for Hackers

Activists have long grumbled about the privacy implications of the legal backdoors that networking companies like Cisco build into their equipment — functions that let law enforcement quietly track the Internet activities of criminal suspects. Now an IBM researcher has revealed a more serious problem with those backdoors: They don’t have particularly strong locks, and…


Report details hacks targeting Google and others

It’s been three weeks since Google announced that a sophisticated and coordinated hack attack dubbed Operation Aurora recently targeted it and numerous other U.S. companies. Now a leading computer forensic firm is providing the closest look so far at the nature of the attacks, and attackers that struck Google and others. -Urs  


Technology as a Substitute for the IT Security Pro?

“We are providing a technical solution that will eliminate the need for a lot of cyber professionals because we just don’t have enough of them,” Zalmai Azmi says. Can technology replace the IT security professional to safeguard government information systems?  -Urs