Microsoft Malware Removal Starter Kit (2008-06)

Many small- and medium-sized organizations use antivirus software, and yet new viruses, worms, and
other forms of malicious software (malware) continue to infect large numbers of computers in these
Organizations. Malware proliferates at alarming speed and in many different ways, which makes it
Particularly widespread today. This guide is intended for IT Generalists who want information and
recommendations that they can use to effectively address and limit malware that infects computers
In small- and medium-sized organizations.

Using the Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE), the Malware Removal Starter Kit gives
Customers the ability to discover malware by performing a thorough offline scan of their computers.
Once malware is located and identified, administrators can quickly remove it from infected PCs with
A number of free anti-malware tools, like the Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft.

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