SQL Injection General Guidance

There s a lot of noise arround currently ongoig SQL injection attacks and even if that is quite an "old" topic, there are still a lot of unprotected servers out in the cloud. This has nothing to do with vulnerabilities in the products (Webserver, database server), but are resulting from unproper programming practices, configuration, etc.

Here is a list of good best practices, advice and guidance for IIS and SQL:

MSDN Guidance:
MSDN:  How To: Protect From SQL Injection in ASP.NET

MSDN: SQL Injection

MSDN: Explained – SQL Injection

Recent blog entries:
Michael Howard’s SDL Blog: Giving SQL Injection the Respect it Deserves

Neil Carpenter's Blog: SQL Injection Mitigation: Using Parameterized Queries

BILLS Blog: SQL Injection Attacks on IIS Web Servers

MSRC Blog: Questions about Web Server Attacks

Incident Response Focus on SQL Injection:
Neil Carpenter's Blog: Anatomy of a SQL Injection Incident

Neil Carpenter's Blog: Anatomy of a SQL Injection Incident, Part 2: Meat



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