Interview: Mitnick on avoiding fraudsters

You know that hidden bomb shtick in the movies? There's a bomb that's going to go off and kill a gazillion people. First, the good guys have to find it. Then they have to figure how to get into it to disarm it. Then they almost have it disarmed when they discover a booby trap they have to work around. Then they find the two wires - red and blue. The hero has to snip the blue wire but they both look black under the yellow light. Then he gets lucky. He snips the blue wire.

When it comes to Internet fraud, however, some of us don't get so lucky.

According to master-hacker-turned-security-guru Kevin Mitnick, those layers of resistance set up by the mad bomber ought to be the way everyone thinks when they are trying to keep the bad guys out of their computers, networks, and databases. 



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