Malicious Software Is the Real Pandemic

Interesting post summarizing the Security Intelligence Report (SIR). I definitely like the "Microsoft found that machines running Vista and Windows XP SP2 had "significantly" lower infection rates than older Windows operating systems." 😉

It's not the time of thousands of PCs crashing anymore, but the silent "takeover" of our machines is a lot worse.

"The Malicious Software Removal Tool has uncovered some alarming statistics, for the first half of 2007 it detected 31.6 million phishing scams, an increase of more than 150% over the last half of 2006. In addition a 500% increase in Trojan downloaders and droppers, software that installs Trojans, password stealers, keyboard loggers and/or other malware on victims' systems. Also increasing, a growing number of backdoors—a category that includes bots and that the company referred to as an increasing threat to instant messaging users."



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