How To Survive The Worst PC Disasters

It’s not directly security related, but if you have to recover from a disaster: Urs  


10 tips for maintaining a healthy home network

Once your network is up and running, it’s up to you to keep it healthy. This means incorporating all of the security features that come with your operating system, whether it’s Windows Vista or Windows XP, and taking care of your network hardware properly. If your network computers aren’t healthy (or have security problems), your…


"Microsoft’s having the shortest average patch development time", says Symantec

Symantec acknowledges that  Microsoft’s having the shortest average patch development time: “Of the five operating systems tracked in the first six months of 2007 (figure 18), Microsoft had the shortestaverage patch development time at 18 days, based on a sample set of 38 patched vulnerabilities. Of the38 vulnerabilities, two affected third-party applications. This is lower…


Securing a gateway to your enterprise: Web Services

How to secure a gateway to your enterprise? How to secure webservices? See yourself: Urs  


Scott Charney on Microsofts commitments to privacy (Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group)

The Daily Dashboard interviews Microsoft’s Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing (TwC) Group, about Microsoft’s commitment to privacy and robust efforts to build greater trust in the Internet and e-commerce Urs  


Conducting Private Business in Today’s Public World

On Tuesday October 23, two Microsoft executives, Scott Charney and Ben Fathi, present keynotes at the IAPP Privacy Academy (San Francisco) and the RSA Europe Conference (London) respectively. They highlight recently completed research findings that show that more collaboration between privacy and security officers is critical to helping prevent breaches of personal information. Additional…


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Webcasts

Let me just add som more information on webcasts arround the SIRv3 Report: Security Intelligence Report (SIR) Overview Thursday , November 1, 2007 11:30am   Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Overview of Latest Trends in Vulnerabilities and Malicious Software (Level 100)     SIR : Software Vulnerability Disclosure Trends Tuesday, November 6, 2007 11:00am   TechNet Webcast:…


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) provides an in-depth perspective on the changing threat landscape including software vulnerability disclosures and exploits, malicious software (malware), and potentially unwanted software. Each individual report focuses on data and trends observed in either the first or second half of each calendar year and uses historical data to provide context….


Steve Riley: Myth vs. reality: Wireless SSIDs

Good article on SSIDs and why it doesn’t make sense (well at least in most cases) to hide the SSID in a Wireless environment. Urs  


XSSDetect – Code Analysis Tool

One of the biggest, constant problems we’ve seen our enterprise customers deal with and we here at Microsoft have to also contend with is that of the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) bug.  It’s very common and unfortunately, still an issue we have to deal with in many web applications.  Internally, the ACE Team has been…