Has the entire AV industry been wrong since its start?

Marco Giuliani posted: "I had an interesting read about a blog post of a famous researcher Joanna Rutkowska did. For those who don't know her, she's a professional security researcher well known on the web and in the world of security professionals for her research, especially in the field of rootkits and stealth malware.

Her last blog was about how, in her opinion, security companies - and especially antivirus companies are basically wasting their time developing antivirus products when they weren't useful but, instead, a digital signature could fix all problems for file infectors. Basically, a digital signature could assure us that the file we are going to execute isn't modified and, thus, isn't infected by a file infector virus."

See the full story: http://www.prevx.com/blog/60/Has-the-entire-AV-industry-been-wrong-since-its-start.html




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