How to get a password? Just ask…

Network managers are fighting a lonely battle on security with the majority of users and directors carelessly giving their passwords to complete strangers.
Sometimes it helps if you offer chocolate!

Btw., did you know, that a Windows password could be up to 127 characters long? How long is yours?



Comments (3)

  1. The actual length of a password in Windows is 127. This because we are storing UNICODE characters. The reserved buffer is 256 bytes, which means for 2-byte UNICODE 128 characters. Because it’s a C-library string type, one byte is reserved for the length of the string, which, finaly, resolves in 127 characters!

    Have fun… 😉


  2. stephan says:

    Actually currently the technical max size of a Windows PW is 256. Although you can entrer 127 chars in the GUI, only. However PWs > 127 chars may be an interesting consideration for service passwords, as this would prevent changing these PWs from the UI…

  3. Bobi says:

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