Time to say hello – and goodbye

Well, this is a strange day for me:

Today in Bern we had the biggest launch ever in Microsoft's history: We launched Windows Vista and Office 2007 for General Availability - yes, you can now get one at your local store! It is there.

So time to say "hello"!

Additionally it is time for me to say goodbye: This was my last big event for Microsoft Switzerland as I am taking over the responsibility for the whole region as of February 1st. The region is Europe, Middle East and Africa. In parallel, I am more than happy to hand over my responsibilities in Switzerland to Urs P. Küderli. Please join me congratulating him for his new challenge as a Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Switzerland.

If you want to stay in contact, it is easy: My mail address is the same (roger.halbheer@microsoft.com) and my (new) bolg is http://blogs.technet.com/rhalbheer 


Comments (3)

  1. Andreas Bieri says:

    So good luck in your new position! I enjoyed working with the

    MS Security team on several occasions. I’m sure your former responsibilities will be well looked for by Urs.

    May be we meet again, although it’s also time to say "goodbye" for

    me as I’m leaving my company as of March 1st.

    BTW: I loved the balloons 🙂

  2. Desmond Lee says:


    Goodbye – sorry to hear that you are vacating this important role

    Hello (again) – for taking up a broader, strategic and key role, and perhaps spreading the security notion (of the security incubation team’s message) even further

    Welcome – Urs for coming aboard to fill this key position


  3. Mcflyly says:

    How do you say Hello and Goodbye in Switzerland please help me and email back on skenworthy@whitehouse.stockton.sch.uk I need it for school Please reply within 4hr’s Please I need it today

    Thanks Mcflyly


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