Airport (In-)Security

Well, well. This is American airport security (it is probably the same all across the world): A passenger took a 4 foot sword on to a plane…. Roger


There is no such thing like absolute security

Things to smile: Barbara Bush had purse stolen while guarded by Secret Service, papers say  Roger


Interresting Business Model

Well, this is an interesting business model in order to appear a little bit less dark when selling undisclosed vulnerabilities: Roger


Hackers plant virus on Website of China’s largest bankcard operator

This is something that could happen pretty often – and has absolutely nothing to do with China. But it shows the risk of surfing on the Web and the owners of websites not protecting them well enough. Roger


Pictorial View of Identity Breaches

This is an excellent chart to show the most important Personal ID breaches over the last year – not sure, whether you really want to know ;-): Roger



Just to let you know: A few hours a go, we RTMed Windows Vista!!! Looking forward to getting your feedback 🙂 Roger


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (H12006)

An in-depth perspective of trends in the malicious and potentially unwanted software landscape in the first half of 2006. Urs  


US Customs to Access your Notebook Data

This week several articles hit the wire describing that US Customs is allowed to make you log on to your notebook and access and even copy the data on it. This is basically not new as the police is allowed to screen your notebook if they have a court order or at least a reasonable…


Spike on TCP Port 48318

SANS reports a spike on traffic on TCP Port 48318 and is looking for traces. It is actually a really good question what is going on here. If you have any ideas, tell them (or me or us :-)) Roger