Number 7 brings luck – IE 7 for XP is out!

I knew that I had another post today, as I awaited release of IE 7 today.

I did a little research before I did this post and what I liked was from the California Astrology Association. I quote from here:

Those who carry the Lucky 7 with them may experience:

  • A dramatic turnaround of events in their favor.
  • Increased Lucky Streaks
  • A noticeable reduction of bad luck, depression, lack of confidence.
  • A knack for being in the right place at the right time.

I admit, they want to sell you something but, nevertheless - if this is true for IE 7, the product team has done a great job.

So finally, my call to action:

  • Go to and download and install IE 7

  • If you did not have done so: Test your Internet-facing sites for compatibility (final call). There are checklists to be found here.

  • If you update your computers in your enterprise through Automatic Update and you do not want IE 7 to be rolled out, deploy the blocker toolkit before November, 1st

  • Test your internal applications for compatibility - again, the checklists are here.

So, have fun with IE 7 - it rocks on XP and even more on Vista 🙂


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