Windows Defender hits the streets

Really exciting news: Windows Defender was released to web today! It is available for consumers in German, English, and Japanese. Additional languages will follow soon. You can get it here: The only drawback: You need a legal copy of Windows to download it 🙂 Roger


Restore Point Forensics

Very interesting article about Restore Point Forensics in Windows XP -Urs  


Privacy Guidelines for Developing Software Products and Services [MSFT:WP]

Failing to protect customer privacy can lead to an erosion of trust. Over the last several years, Microsoft has established extensive internal guidelines for developers that help them protect customer privacy, give them a view into customer expectations and global privacy laws, and document the hard lessons we’ve learned. -Urs  


Claims about IE 7 Vulnerability

IE 7 hit just the web and the first claims of a vulnerability appeared. It is actually true that there is a vulnerability but not in IE 7 but in the underlying Outlook Express. For more information, please read Christopher Budd’s statement in the MSRC-blog at Roger


Number 7 brings luck – IE 7 for XP is out!

I knew that I had another post today, as I awaited release of IE 7 today. I did a little research before I did this post and what I liked was from the California Astrology Association. I quote from here: Those who carry the Lucky 7 with them may experience: A dramatic turnaround of…


Vulnerability Trends

No, I am not bored but at the moment I am finding quite some interesting information…. There was some analysis going on within Microsoft (by Jeff Jones) regarding vulnerabilities. If you want to have a detailed look at the data, go to Jeff’s blog: To make it clear, this is not some Microsoft-faked statistics…


How to address incidents – blame others

I am usually not writing here about other companies (especially competition) but I could not resist here – even though I will not comment too far. Apple shipped a virus with the Windows software of their iPod – sh.. happens. But now, look at their reaction. First of all, I had problems finding the bulletin….


Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Windows Vista

That’s really cool: We start to package all those cool tools we aquired over the last few months into one package for Vista (available under Software Assurance only). Have a look at this announcement in the Vista blog: Roger


Group Policy Support for WPA2

Cool stuff: We just announced that we will add Group Policy support for WPA2 on Windows XP SP2. Wireless gets more and more secure. Read the Advisory: Roger


IE 7 on Automatic Update

There is chatter going on that we will withdraw the plans to deploy IE 7 through Automatic Update. I am in Redmond at the moment and talked to the IE 7 team. At the moment it is planned to release IE 7 to Web this month and it will be on AU after this. This…