The Layman’s Unconventional Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

"An unconventional, elaborate glance at the mathematics behind the Advanced Encryption Standard, geared towards the non-mathematician."


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  1. Justin Troutman says:

    I appreciate your interest in that article of mine.  I’m currently working on the second part, which will introduce definitions for each of Rijndael’s steps, as well as a brief description of the block cipher "class" it fits into.  I’ll conclude with an opinionated rant on why I believe cryptographic standards, such as the AES, make sense.  By all means, I would be grateful for any constructive criticism, as well as suggestions for AES-centric aspects you’d like to see covered in the next installment.  Essentially, I’m aiming at closing the gap between the cryptography discussed in the academic realm, and that of which the general media supplies to the average layman; this has led to an experimentally casual style of cryptographic writing which is all about keeping the reader’s attention while telling them something informative about a ubiquitous subject, that they probably didn’t know.  Cheers, and thanks again.

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