The Black Hats Don’t Sleep

Well, I hope you enjoyed Christmas as much as I do and additionally I hope that you have the opportunity to have a few days off.

But it seems that the bad guys have too much time as well. There are reports that there is a 0day out there attacking a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows WMF Handling. We are aware of it and it is under investigation at the moment. Here you can find some information about it:

F-Secure, one of our VIA (Virus Information Alliance) partners, has some good information on this from an attack perspective:

Several AV-vendors including Symantec, Trendmicro, McAfee, and F-Secure have already updated their signature – therefore you should as well


Comments (1)

  1. Jon Gresham says:

    Not just reports. I got at home last night. Used restore point and feverish deletes, still not sure if I got it all. So I hope they admit and publish a fix soon.

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