SONIA Incident Training

Urs seems to be so fast, that I have no way in catching up with his blogging. Anyway, there is something I would like to give you some insights in.

I assume that you know about MELANI ( the "Melde- und Analysestelle Internet" - basically the CERT of the Swiss Government. Whenever we have a broad incident in Switzerland the needs involvement of the Swiss Federal Council (Bundesrat) SONIA (Sonderstab Information Assurance) will be mobilized. SONIA's goal is to be an information pool for the Federal Council helping them to understand the situation and helping us to co-ordinate within the different sectors.

Tuesday/Wednesday we had an incident simulation with companies running the critical infrastructure and different providers. Those kind of simulation helps to get a clear and common understanding of the different needs and processes and helps to improve them. Additionally they help to start to build trust between the people that have to provide (sometimes highly confidential information) to this team and have to take joint decisions.

In any case it was a great experience


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