SCVMM Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal is a web application provided as part of the System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and allows “non admin” users to be able to work with specific VMs, and possibly even have the right to deploy new ones. Being a web application, the interface is accessed via a browser – the opening page…

SCVMM Console-ation – Addendum

Update to my blog entry from March 30th, there is now a public KB article describing the issue. Exactly the same information (I did the tech review), but it’s a more “official” article.

SCVMM Console-ation

The Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager, other than being a mouthful to say and hence referred to as SCVMM, is a great consolidation tool for managing Virtual Server, Hyper-V and even VMWare ESX hosts and the VMs on them. This isn’t a sales blog, so if you’re not already familiar with the product then…