What is svchost.exe, and why do I have so many instances of it?

The Description field in the properties of svchost.exe is “Host Process for Windows Services”, and it was created to reduce the number of processes running on the system to have a smaller load on system resources. On my Windows 8 x64 machine there are 182 services visible through “View Local Services”, 101 of which have…


Support phases ending in the next 2 years

April 8th 2014 (2014-04-08) Windows XP – end of support – no more updates for this product – includes XP x64 Edition – last service pack for x86 was SP3 – last service pack for x64 was SP2 – ref: Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search – ref: End of Support Office 2003 – end of support…


Windows 8 RTM 2012-08-01

OEMs now have the gold image for Windows 8, and there are some key dates in the coming month of which to be aware:http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2012/08/01/windows-8-has-reached-the-rtm-milestone.aspx August 15th: Developers will be able to download the final version of Windows 8 via your MSDN subscriptions. August 15th: IT professionals testing Windows 8 in organizations will be able to…


Windows 8 / Server 2012 release dates announced

Over at the Windows Team Blog it was announced yesterday that RTM will be the first week in August, with general availability slated for the end of October: “For the first time, we provided details on Windows 8 availability. Tami confirmed that Windows 8 is on track to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) the first week…


Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate available for download

Windows 8 Release Preview is here. x86 and x64 ISO images available for download. Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate is here. ISO image (product only ships as x64) and pre-installed VHD available for download. Both are based on build 8400 of common source code. The last set of scale/support figures for Hyper-V on Server 2012…


Windows Server 2012 (codename “8”) Beta Resources

Last month the official name of Windows Server “8” was confirmed as being Windows Server 2012, so with beta documentation and guides you can expect the terms to be used interchangeably. Here is a collection of useful links for those interested in looking at testing, demo’ing or troubleshooting some of the Server features… Windows 8…


Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy event 1502 not being logged after successful application of GPOs

Recently I encountered a customer who had several Windows 7 clients which initially had the symptom of the group "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers" not being present, but the underlying cause turned out to be something entirely unrelated at first. The group in question is actually created by an event-triggered task, visible in Task Scheduler here:…


Available Updates for Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) in Windows Server 2008 R2

KB2601888 is a comprehensive list of hotfixes applicable for W2K8R2 Remote Desktop Services, updated today and broken down into sections defining the different categories of issue resolved. Our recommendation is the standard one when it comes to LDR hotfixes – only install those for which you have the symptoms, rather than try to be proactive.