Tools for an Exchange Administrator

Part of being proactive means that you’re prepared to react quickly when a problem occurs. That makes sense, right… thinking proactively about being reactive? Knowing the right tool for the job is part of this. Having the right tool at hand when it’s needed, or knowing where to find it, can give you an edge…


Behavior of Meeting Forward Notifications

Mrs. Proactive said “I had tough time finding any information on the behavior of Meeting Forward Notifications so I thought I would share what I found.” Don’t we all appreciate her sharing some wisdom with us? Here it is: Meeting Forward Notification (MFN) is processed by either the Exchange Calendar Assistant or Outlook and the…


Maximum Recipients Per Message and Exceptions

While this is documented very well on TechNet, it sometimes takes a some time to find and memory usually fails us when the question of precedence comes up. I figured documenting it here would help some readers. The classic question of how to handle message size limits comes up very often and ever changing technology…


Exchange Server 2007 SP3 RU3 has been re-released

On the Exchange Team Blog, the Exchange product team posted two updates regarding Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3. Yesterday, they announced that the re-release was coming soon.  Additional information about the status of the Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3 can be found there as well. Today, they announced that it has been re-released and that a new…


Potential for database corruption as a result of installing Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3

Yesterday afternoon, on the Exchange Team Blog, the Exchange product team posted that we are seeing issues with database corruption after installing Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3. In short, we are recommending all customers uninstall Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 on all Mailbox and Transport Servers. Steps for how to do this are included in the blog post….


Outlook Automatic Configuration Fix

There is an issue with some previous Outlook cumulative updates that will cause some clients to fail Autodiscover lookups. Essentially what is happening is that the Outlook client uses the user principal name (UPN) instead of the Primary SMTP address for the lookup. If the UPN and SMTP address are different, Autodiscover will fail. For…


Hello World!

Hi There! My name is Mr. (Scoop) Proactive, and I am one of the Community Leads for Premier Field Engineering (PFE). My partner in crime is Miss T. Proactive (no relation). Miss T. won’t ever tell me her real first name. She says it is “Tips and Tricks”, but I can never tell if she…