Really? Delegating Help Desk Accounts to unlock user accounts in the environment will not work?

One afternoon while working at one of my customer sites, I noticed a user calling a Help Desk Associate to unlock their user account. The Help Desk Associate used Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) to unlock the users account, but received an error message indicating that he does not have sufficient rights to perform the…


Calendar Repair Assistant does not run by default

While onsite one day with a customer we received a report that a calendar item was not on one of the attendee’s Outlook calendar. After some investigation we found that the user had deleted the item on accident. Immediately I began to wonder why the Calendar Repair Assistant had not found and repaired the inconsistency….


Tools for an Exchange Administrator

Part of being proactive means that you’re prepared to react quickly when a problem occurs. That makes sense, right… thinking proactively about being reactive? Knowing the right tool for the job is part of this. Having the right tool at hand when it’s needed, or knowing where to find it, can give you an edge…


Support Lifecycle and Products you need to consider upgrading

As a Premier Field Engineers we always focus on the Health of the customer’s environment and a big part of being proactive is to validate future supportability of the products and make recommendations based on best practices around customer’s particular business scenarios. It is critical that customers be aware of the support timelines for Microsoft…


Behavior of Meeting Forward Notifications

Mrs. Proactive said “I had tough time finding any information on the behavior of Meeting Forward Notifications so I thought I would share what I found.” Don’t we all appreciate her sharing some wisdom with us? Here it is: Meeting Forward Notification (MFN) is processed by either the Exchange Calendar Assistant or Outlook and the…