How to Reduce the Performance Impact of a Site Recovery

In SCCM, management points can get flooded with policy requests after a disaster recovery. This can especially impact native mode sites. While most mixed- mode customers never notice the impact, native mode uses HTTPS communication, which is much more resource expensive than HTTP communication. When a site recovery is done, the LastSafeTime value is updated…


“These are not the Public Folders you are looking for…”

I was helping a customer review their infrastructure when we started looking at an error they were getting when accessing public folders. When we were looking at the details, on an Exchange 2010 server we ran the command Get-PublicFolderStatistics –Identity “PublicFolderName”. The command unexpectedly returned the error: Couldn’t find public folder "\PublicFolderName" on server ""….

Extra Logical Reads Are Not So Logical

When normalizing a database, foreign keys are commonly created in order to maintain data integrity between the parent and child tables. Oftentimes, however, the foreign key columns are overlooked when it comes to proper indexing strategy. Using the Adventureworks2008R2 sample database, available at, let’s look at what happens when a join is performed on…