Kerberos configuration tool for SQL Server

SharePoint experts must love to hurt themselves. How else do we go through the pain of configuring Kerberos or getting User Profile Service to work.
Oh yeah don't forget the endless variations in Service Application configuration. There is a different way of doing things for every freakin' one of them.

Off course every one of us has their own bag of tricks scripts to help out. And for the sorry souls out there that don't …. Well …
At least now getting Kerberos to work can get a lot easier if you use the recently released Kerberos configuration tool for SQL Server.

It is a simple tool that connects to a server containing SQL compontents (for example: DB engine, analysis services, and reporting services), and checks AD if the appropriate SPNs are set.
It also lets you generate the scripts to configure them if they are not. Pretty neat huh?

Obviously this is not the entire story when it comes to configuring Kerberos for various scenarios within SharePoint, but it does does hurt a whole lot less if you use tools like these.

For more information on the tool, go to

For more information on configuring Kerberos for SharePoint, go to



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