Always have a root site collection!!!

So today I spend most part of the day troubleshooting an issue with catalogs and host named site collections (HNSC) in SharePoint 2013. I created a basic cross site publishing scenario where I had a path based authoring site and a HNSC publishing site All was going smooth, untill I wanted to consume…


Netmons’ big brother is here. Say hello to Message Analyzer

If you’re serious about SharePoint, you know Netmon. Well, if you like Netmon, then meet his big brother Message Analyzer It’s like Netmon on steroids J… There is a lot to tell about this tool, but I won’t. Hey I’m a SharePoint geek, I have better things to do! What I can tell you is…


SharePoint 2013 Preview – Hungry search service

Due to the many response I get: This post was written specifically for the Preview of SharePoint 2013The memory leak is resolved in RTM. Please do not apply the memory settings in production!   Just today there was some discussion on our internal DLs about the noderunner.exe processes of the Enterprise Search service being very hungry…


SharePoint 2013 Preview Newsfeeds showing nothing

So you’ve build your farm, configured Manage Metadata, Search, User Profile Service and Mysites. The first thing you obviously want to check out are the cool new social features.You login and fire off your first post, in anticipation of the reactions of your fellow social pioneers in your company. A day goes by but, nothing…


Sharing permissions for Authenticated Users in SharePoint 2013 Preview

I actually feel a bit embarrassed about this one, but then I thought… OK, maybe if I’m struggling with this, there must be other fools out there that are as well. So picture this… I’m building my SharePoint farm and creating my Contoso Intranet portal, and one of the first things you do when you…


Logging in as a different user in SharePoint 2013 Preview

When you start to play with SharePoint 2013 preview you will soon find that our good ol’ ‘Sign in as a different user’ is gone: Not sure why they have removed it. As there are some issues with this (even in 2010), I think it might be done because of that, but for most people…


SharePoint 2013 is coming

Anyone doing SharePoint and hasn’t been living under a rock for the last months, has heard the buzz around SharePoint 2013. The Preview has been released, so the release is coming closer! This means its time for me as well to get acquainted with the product. Given my busy schedule I haven’t had much time…


Going Dutch the wrong way

My blog contains only Dutch articles, but on several occasions I have been asked if I wouldn’t start writing in English (Google translate sucks balls J).I therefore decided to continue this blog with only English content, as all Dutch people speak and read English anyways. Enjoy!  


Load balancing en FBA claims

Zoals Steve Peschka een tijd geleden al poste op zijn blog, is het voor claims belangrijk om te zorgen dat er enige vorm van affinity plaats vind op de load balancer om te zorgen dat een gebruiker gedurende zijn sessie op dezelfde server blijft.Zie: Important: You need to set network load balancing to single…


SNAP maakt debugging iets makkelijker

Wanneer je iets meer informatie nodig hebt dan dat de standaard tools zoals Developer Dashboard, Fiddler, Failed Request Tracing, en noem ze maar op, je bieden, kom je al snel uit bij meer hardcore tools als debuggers en profiles. Nu bieden deze tools een schat aan informatie, maar meestal is het verschrikkelijk lastig om ze…