Our Shared Opportunity

Joe Macri, Vice President, UK Commercial Partner at Microsoft, looks back at the recent Partner Summit and reflects on how Microsoft partners can take advantage of new opportunities. It’s been a month since we got together at our Partner Executive Summit, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect on the key messages from…


Seizing the AI opportunity today

Seizing the AI opportunity today By Joe Macri, VP of Commercial Partner, Microsoft UK Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. It is swiftly becoming a part of our everyday lives – through everything from email spam filters to voice assistant technologies – but there is still much uncertainty within the enterprise community regarding how that power…


Guiding your digital journey

Recent International Data Corporation (IDC) research predicts investment in digital transformation initiatives to reach USD $1.7 trillion by 2019, putting digital transformation at the centre of all modern business strategies. Requiring a plethora of new skills and investment, there is an incredible opportunity here for digitally savvy partners to lead this disruption, across every industry….


Join us at Microsoft Inspire

The biggest event in the Microsoft partner calendar, Microsoft Inspire, is back. Taking place from the 15th – 19th July 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Microsoft Inspire is where thousands of partners, Microsoft staff and industry experts network, learn and collaborate. Why should I attend? 1. For the first time, Microsoft Inspire is co-located with…


The 4IR story goes deeper… knowing the modern customer

Our last post talked about security – the foundation everything in your customers’ businesses should be built on. It’s about protecting their internal operations from external factors. And it’s not the only way the outside influences the inside. Customers (your customers’ customers, that is) are a big, diverse, sometimes fickle bunch. And they’re the biggest outside…


Three key shifts in digital transformation

Digital transformation is a massive topic. And its importance feels impossible to escape. No wonder, then, that in five blog posts, it feels as though we’ve touched on just a few ways to use technology for change. Things like getting ready for the modern workplace. And the apps and devices customers will be looking for….


Data and AI Announcements at Microsoft Envision and Microsoft Ignite

Written by Jon Woodward, Business Lead for Data and AI, Microsoft UK Our two flagship events Microsoft Envision and Microsoft Ignite recently took place in the US. There was a tremendous sense of energy and excitement, with 75+ keynotes, sessions and breakouts at Microsoft Envision, focusing on business leaders with industry-specific transformation scenarios, many of…


The Fourth Industrial Revolution – making disruption work for you

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s a big topic. Big enough for it to have played a central role in the World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Meeting in June, and for it to be a key topic in the UK Regional session at Microsoft Inspire.   But what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)? Let’s start…


How Microsoft is transforming its own marketing

‘Microsoft must transform its marketing in the next three years or fail’ – Chris Capossela, Microsoft CMO.   Capossela issued this bold instruction at the ANA 2014 Masters of Marketing event.   Three years on, his advice has shaped the way we approach marketing. Here’s a look at how we’ve made the journey to a…


Day 2 at Microsoft Partner Days: Taking the robot out of the human

Day two of Microsoft Partner Days was packed with insights and inspiring examples. The keynote focused on security, the modern workforce, partner opportunities, and our changing industry. Expanding the partner opportunity in the UK Joe Macri, Vice President UK Commercial Partner One of the first insights Joe brought to the keynote was that native English speakers…