Three key shifts in digital transformation

Digital transformation is a massive topic. And its importance feels impossible to escape. No wonder, then, that in five blog posts, it feels as though we’ve touched on just a few ways to use technology for change. Things like getting ready for the modern workplace. And the apps and devices customers will be looking for….


Transforming infrastructure and apps in the next revolution

Previously, we’ve covered the modern workplace, business applications, and data & AI. In this final blog of the series, we look at how IT infrastructure and apps can be transformed to optimise business processes. In the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the cloud has the power to turn the IT department into a revenue centre, rather…


The importance of data and AI in the 4th industrial revolution

  So far in this series, we’ve covered both the modern workplace and business applications. This time we look at the role big data and AI. It’s an extremely important topic. Think of data as the currency of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). In fact, it’s being said that big data plus artificial intelligence is…


The Fourth Industrial Revolution – part 2

  First, let’s consider the impact of the workplace on employee engagement. The Steelcase Global Report sums it up nicely: “Workers who are highly satisfied with their workplace also demonstrate higher levels of engagement.” In addition: “Highly engaged employees have greater flexibility to make choices about where and how they work.” The rise of the…


The Fourth Industrial Revolution – making disruption work for you

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s a big topic. Big enough for it to have played a central role in the World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Meeting in June, and for it to be a key topic in the UK Regional session at Microsoft Inspire.   But what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)? Let’s start…