Webcast with Melissa Mulholland on 21st June, 4pm – Exclusively for UK Partners

Increasing Microsoft Partner Profitability: Disrupting Business Models via The Cloud

Access the broadcast here.

Join us on 21st June at 4pm for an exclusive chance to hear from Melissa Mulholland, Microsoft’s worldwide lead driving partner strategy and business development, focused on accelerating profitability.

In this web broadcast, exclusive for Microsoft Partners in the UK, Melissa will show how partners are beginning the transformation journey to deliver innovative services and solutions to customers, increasing profitability and taking advantage of the power of The Cloud to disrupt business models.

Buying behaviour has changed as customers self-educate with access to information online that inform the purchasing decision. By the time they do engage with sales, they’ve already made some decisions. The Cloud has changed more than the way we implement and manage IT; it’s changing the very fabric of business. With ready access to data, and intelligent new ways to view, analyse and use the information, The Cloud has endangered powerful new capabilities which are disrupting entire business models. Are you ready for the change? Learn how Microsoft Partners have begun the transformation journey to deliver innovative services and solutions to customers in this digital age.

Melissa is recognised throughout the partner community for her thought leadership around enabling digital transformation and modern cloud services. A frequent speaker on channel profitability, Melissa leads strategic initiatives to help identify new business opportunities, develop successful offers and effectively price, market and sell their solutions.

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