How to build a strong relationship in the modern workplace

It's migration season in the world of business.

Customers are preparing to leave their existing IT environments. For some, this will not be their first migration. They'll have moved between devices and applications many times in their lives. But for most, there lies ahead a daunting journey. Ahead, they hope, is the modern workplace they've heard so much about. All they need is a guide.

Enter the partner. You're strong, wise, and you know the lie of the land. But you can't survive on your own. You know that it's costly to find new customers - which is why you do whatever you can to hang on to those already in your pack. If an existing customer needs a guide, you'll fight to make sure it's you.

The customer and the partner. You need each other - your relationship is symbiotic. And it faces few tests greater than a migration. Because once the move is done, and the customer is settled, what then?

How do you keep the relationship going?

For your customers, the modern workplace is a destination. It's a smart, secure, simple way of working anywhere. And it's exactly what they're looking for.

For you, the modern workplace is an opportunity. With new technology comes plenty of new ways to add value. The trick to keeping the relationship going is to make sure customers know you're an expert in this space - and that you've only just started to help them succeed.

So, what else can you do for your customers? Here are just a few ideas.

Make management easy

It's quick and easy (and sometimes even self-service) for customers to add new devices to their modern workplace. But they'll all want to move at their own pace. Join them in the planning stage to stop the move and management getting in the way of their day to day work.


Keep everything secure

Your customers don't need to get distracted by security updates. In the modern workplace, they happen automatically. And if customers need to configure any special security policies, your knowledge of the IT makes them easy to build and implement - so no threats slip through.


Stay on top of the latest tech

This is one of the best bits of the modern workplace. Everyone can get their hands on the latest tools, all the time, anywhere. It's even smoother when you manage this process for your customers - so updates don't impact users while they're working, and it's business as usual for compliance and security.


Really know your stuff

What's really happening in your customers' businesses? With analytics, you can have all the answers. So it's easy to spot areas for improvement, drive deployment, and keep customers up to date. When you prove you really know their business, that's a relationship they'll want to hang on to.


Better together

Even after the migration is done, customers keep looking for new, better ways of working. Even after they've moved to a complete, intelligent solution like Microsoft 365, they'll want a partner that can take them further. There are lots of ways you can make their environment and their IT smarter, more secure, and simpler.

Download the playbook to see them all . It'll tell you more about your modern workplace opportunity, the conversations you can start, and the value you can add to your customers' businesses - long after they've moved to Microsoft 365.

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