Accelerate your cloud business with the Cloud Enablement Desk

The Microsoft Cloud Enablement Desk (CED) provides a guided experience to help partners grow their cloud businesses using the resources and benefits from the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

A Cloud Program Specialist (CPS) works with you for a period based on agreed upon MPN program goals and objectives. Your assigned specialist can help guide you through:

  • MPN benefits
  • Competency attainment
  • 1:1 sessions with technical experts
  • Driving towards co-sell capability, and more

How much time will I need to commit?

A monthly check-in call is a minimum required touch point. You can scale up your engagement from there based on your needs.

Program Eligibility

  • The Cloud Enablement Desk eligibility requirements depend on which level of activity you are requesting
  • Getting started and MPN membership (minimum requirement: Network Member)
  • Cloud competency attainment (minimum requirement: Network Member)
  • Technical enablement through the Cloud Mentor Program (minimum requirements: Action Pack Subscription or competency + 3 Cloud opportunities to work on)

How can I get involved?

Nominate yourself today by filling out the form here.

Cloud Enablement Desk Partner Testimonials

"[The personnel] are very knowledgeable and the training has been great. Overall we are very thrilled with everything and are really enjoying the program." - Woody Walker, Convergence Consulting Group, Tampa FL (+110% Azure Consumption and Gold Cloud Platform Competency attained within 3 months of program engagement)

"I think what you have done and your service was extremely helpful for us. Without you it's possible we wouldn't be thinking about the things that we are thinking about now... It's a very valuable service, and I'm very thankful to you and Microsoft for doing that. We're driving more consumption with Azure and [our customers] want to increase their plans with Microsoft." - Murad Kayani, Zeurix, Leesburg, VA (+30% Azure Consumption and Silver Cloud Platform Competency attained within 5 months of program engagement)

Have you found yourself asking these 3 very important questions?

1. Can you guide me through MPN benefits and competency attainment journey?

2. How do I build and grow my cloud practices faster?

3. I need help providing support to managed/moderately-complex customers

In the next blog post of the series, I'll share how you can get personalized technical guidance that helps your team grow your business capabilities in building a cloud practice.

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